The index of the book


1.  Introduction

Luigi Burroni, Maarten Keune, Guglielmo Meardi

2. The social dimension of European integration

Maarten Keune

3. The political economy of social investment

Anton Hemerijck

4. Gender, Family and the Labour Market in Post-industrial Societies: A New Social Compromise?

Tersa Jurado Guerrrero, María José González López and Manuela Naldini

5. Academia’s place in European capitalist systems and the conservative reform movement

Simcha Jong

6. Industrial Relations after European State Traditions?

Guglielmo Meardi

7. European Unions after the Crisis

Roland Erne

8. States in transition, research about the state in flux

Patrick Le Galès

9. Changing Varieties of Capitalism. Societal Consequences of Spatial and Institutional Fragmentation in Germany and Italy

Ulrich Glassmann

10. The boundaries between economy and society in European cities

Luigi Burroni

11. Social Institutions Among Economists in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

Henry Farrell


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